Antique Gilded Painted Elegant Farmhouse European French Italian Style Cupboard



Late 19th or early 20th century elegantly painted romantic cupboard or cabinet. The entire cabinet appears to have been originally painted over a dark wood quite some time ago and perhaps is the original finish. With a creamy beige background accentuated with Scroll pattern designs with a few clusters of small flowers highlighted in the softest aqua and pinks and bronze carvings, this is one gorgeous somewhat shabby cupboard. It is angled and curved at the front and sides with lovely gold gilding all around the top’s small glass panes and all of the muted decorations. There is some wear here and there to the original paint but it only enhances the charm of it’s time worn loveliness. The top does lift off of the bottom and fits down inside the molded edges of the bottom for security. There are keys to open and close the top and lower doors. Old fabric covers the shelving and there is also a shelf below for storage. Measures a grand 86 inches in overall height…64 inches wide at widest areas…20 inches deep.


Perfect Farmhouse Chic French/Italian Cabinet with lots of storage for antique and vintage collectibles as well as treasured fabrics. 

Items pictured inside the cupboard are not included.
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