Vintage Double Bunny Porcelain Tureen


Pretty Vintage Porcelain Double Bunny Tureen measuring an overall approximate 13″ in length by 10″ in width by 13″ in depth…Such realistic cuteness with two bunnies painted in white with pink and gray ear nose and eye tones and snuggled together on top of the lower section of the tureen…the foliage is so lovely painted at the bottom of the white with varying shades of greens an peeps of little bunny¬† feet at the back side…the ladle fits neatly inside an is white with the same green coloring painted on the handle..this piece is in beautiful vintage condition with only one small nick to the ladle around the serve spoon does not appear to rough at all…the bottom of the tureen has small felt protectors all of the way around and there is a figure 8 in the under looks very Italian to me but it does NOT say Italy any where that I can find…It is a very gorgeous large tureen and would look fabulous on any buffet or table centerpiece at any time of the year!!

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